Livingston Sessions

groanbox2A departure from their previous albums, Livingston Sessions is the first batch of recordings by the band done in a professional recording studio, the Livingston Studios in Wood Green, London, with BBC world music engineer guru James Birtwistle at the helm. Recorded completely live, with no overdubs and no edits, the goal of the recording experience was to capture the energy of a live Groanbox performance, but with completely new material meticulously recorded in a studio environment.
Featuring 16 original compositions, Groanbox are once again keeping listeners on their toes as they delve into new terrain, mixing genres, flavors, tempos, time signatures, and instruments that cross the spectrum of world folk, contemporary classical, and rock music styles.
The album was produced by Groanbox and Oscar Cainer, mastering was done by Myles Clarke, photography by Nick Sinclair, album design by Groanbox, layout by Anna Wolfgang.

Paul Clifford: percussion, vocals
Cory Seznec: guitars, banjos, harmonicas, percussion, vocals
Michael Ward-Bergeman: accordions, fife, percussion, vocals