groanboxRecorded across two sessions in Ontario in 2013 and New Orleans in 2015, this album represents the unshackling of the Groanbox sonic confines. Nothing is preconceived and everything originates in the moment, germinating in the experiences at hand and nurtured by their surroundings, the band conspires to unfetter themselves from musical confinement. The aural landscape is provided by the recording locations: the instruments and the insects of the rural shack in Ontario; the crashing and destruction of the broken down cabin that was rumoured to be Al Capone’s hideout; the drips, echoes and screeches of bats as music rang through the night in the underground caves of Bonnechere. The words and melodies are saturated with the culture and history that only New Orleans can lay claim to. To celebrate the 10th year of the band, this collection of songs represents the next mutation in Groanbox’s continual creative evolution.