Oscar Cainer, Paul Clifford, Cory Seznec, and Michael Ward-Bergeman – are a musical hybrid of ideas and ideals. At first glance a roots band steeped in the traditions of American music, they play with all the guts of rock and roll and all the soul of the wandering troubadour. But somewhere along the way, that troubadour turned off the road and, setting sail from the melting pot of New Orleans, began a journey that would take their sound to new, uncharted territories with influences from around the world.



About the Musicians

dsc_0037-copy-885x500Oscar Cainer is an experienced sound engineer and producer from London who has worked with thousands of bands. He spent his childhood in Abbey Road, graduated in Commercial Music degree at Westminster University, but has since specialised in roots and world music, being the head tech at London’s favourite music venue (London Music Awards 2015). Although touring and live sound is his passion, his work as a producer has him credited on numerous well received records, both for his roles behind the mixing desk and in front of it as a singer and instrumentalist. He joined Groanbox in 2008 and has been shepherding the group into new and stranger pastures ever since.

Paul Clifford is a skilled west coast Canadian drummer and multi-instrumentalist with a gift for improvisation. Paul has played professionally in jazz, folk, blues, country, rock and latin bands; worked as a percussionist, composer and actor and travelled widely to keep his music fresh. Though formally beginning percussion studies in Malaspina Jazz College [Vancouver Island], he continued with Bata Folkloric in Havana, Cuba, and frequent pilgrimages to New Orleans soaking up the second-line, with added study at the Banff centre for the Arts, participating in Afrocubanismo 1997. Paul lives in Campbelltown, Ontario.

Cory Seznec is a Franco-American musician living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A multicultural upbringing, extensive travels and musical encounters, and a passion for history exposed Cory to sounds from around the world, helping him to develop his own distinct style that reflects his broad interests.
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Michael Ward-Bergeman is a passionate performer, songwriter  [Michael Ward-Bergeman] and composer living in New Orleans, Louisiana. His sensitive and creative approach to music making has led to performances and collaborations with world-class musicians and composers from across a wide range of genres. Michael is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.